Andrew Vorchik / Research


My research interests

  • microeconomics and behavioral economics (rationality, choice, decision theories)
  • macroeconomics (business cycles, economic growth and happiness)
  • cognitive and positive psychology (emotions, phenomenon of happiness)
  • philosophy (social theory, consciousness and brain, shifts in personal worldview)


  • «Quarantine Economics: Is Lockdown Effective and How Much Does It Cost»
    • Based on my BSc thesis.
    • Preprint
    • Discussion post (in Russian)
    • Recognition

Work in progress

  • «Modelling the Dunning-Kruger Effect» (with Murat Mamyshev)
    • Working paper
  • Mathematical theory of happiness and motivation
    • Presentation (in English)
    • Working paper: latest version (in English), older version (in Russian)
    • Motivaton article (in Russian)
    • This course (in Russian) is closely connected to the research.
  • «Social Trust and Economic Growth»
    • Working paper

If you are interested in any of these topics, I would be glad to talk to you. Just drop me a message.